Why does Michael Schmidt always wear that Jacket?

Image source: Michael Schmidt’s Trench Coat

Michael Schmidt is a prominent American journalist, renowned for winning two Pulitzer Prizes and currently serving as a correspondent for The New York Times. He gained recognition for his investigative reporting on issues such as sexual harassment, Donald Trump’s campaign, national security and breaking news stories for other high-profile events through his unique investigative reporting style which often involves in-depth research and interviews to provide comprehensive insights into complex topics.

But besides journalism, there’s another aspect that has captured public attention. It is Schmidt’s consistent on-screen outfit: that black pull over jacket.

Image source: Michael Schmidt’s Trench Coat

This seemingly unchanging jacket has become a subject of curiosity, especially as it extends to video call reports from home. The question arises: why does Michael Schmidt always wear the same jacket?

While some may dismiss it as a matter of personal preference or a response to New York’s cold weather, a deeper examination shows potential symbolic meaning.

The jacket, historically known as the “Gentleman’s Coat of Arms,” initially denoted status, worn exclusively by British officers as a symbol of rank. Post-war, it became associated with the working class, showing a symbol of power earned through merit rather than inheritance.

Image source: Michael Schmidt’s Trench Coat

Considering Schmidt’s journalistic focus on high-profile stories, the black jacket’s formal and timeless appearance may serve a deliberate purpose. It could convey “seriousness, authority, and a commitment” to the gravity of the subjects he covers.

So in this sense, Schmidt’s choice of that jacket may be a calculated decision to present a particular image in line with the historical connotations of the coat.

However, interpretations are interpretations, and they may vary. Some might see it as a deliberate choice rooted in symbolism, while others may view it as a matter of personal comfort or style.

But honestly, it just may be a coincidence. You know, we all have that one outfit in our wardrobe – that go-to jacket, shirt, or pair of pants that just feels right and we can’t get enough of it wearing most of the days.

Even though we might have a variety of choices, there’s always that one piece that brings us comfort and makes us feel good. The same applies to Michael Schmidt.

Perhaps, just like all of us, he has that one outfit, the black jacket – that he simply likes. It’s about personal comfort, feeling good, and having a piece of clothing that becomes a favorite.

So folks, it’s not always about deep meanings or big statements, it could just be that the jacket brings him comfort, and he enjoys wearing it.

In the end, personal preference and feeling good in what you wear can be the most important factors behind any fashion choice.