• Journalists/writers must be established authors in their publication with at least three published articles to their name.
  • Journalists must provide their real names and cannot use anonymous or editor titles (although your name will never be shared with sources unless you mention it in the query description area)
  • It is important that the author’s name in the publication matches the name used in the registration process. If you have registered with a different name, you can always change it from your account page.
  • Journalists must be permitted to use the publication’s name when requesting quotes and seeking expert commentary for the article they are writing.
  • The publication for which the journalist is writing must have a Domain Authority (DA) of 10 or higher according to the MOZ metric. This helps ensure that the publication is reputable and credible.
  • The publication must be ranked on Google and receive a significant organic traffic per month.
  • You must give credit to sources whose quotes are used in the articles and provide links to the published articles to the respective sources. You can do this simply by using the “follow up” option.
  • You can only submit up to 5 queries for one publication at a time.
  • Deadline for each submission must not be more than 40 days. 
  • No journalist can ask for money for backlinks or any other type of preferential treatment.
  • Our platform is not to be used for requests for full blog posts or guest posts.
  • Queries that are deemed to incite violence, defame individuals, or endanger anyone will not be approved.
  • Queries related to school or academic assignments are not allowed.
  • Publications must be well-established. PBNs, link farms or low quality magazines created solely for the purpose of selling backlinks are not allowed.
  • Link exchange, link swap, and 2-tier or 3-tier link exchange requests are prohibited.
  • Queries should be specific, concise and to the point (ideally around 1 tip/idea/advice) and clearly state the topic and relevant details about the story the journalist is working on. They should also specify the type of expert commentary being sought and provide relevant deadlines.
  • Experts have the right to decline requests for commentary.
  • Any quotes or expert commentary provided should be used accurately and with proper attribution.
  • Our platform reserves the right to review and approve or reject any queries submitted by journalists and to remove any queries or expert responses that violate these guidelines, terms & conditions, privacy policy or are deemed inappropriate or spammy by the administrator.

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